How to apply


The prospective student will be asked to come in and have an initial interview/ discussion with a course coordinator relevant to the subject area the student wishes to study. (This initial interview can be done over the phone if a student can not attend the initial meeting)

At the Initial interview (either face to face or via the telephone) the course coordinator will discuss the details of the course, explaining the course entry requirements, student fees & other relevant information concerning the related course of study.  This is beneficial to both the prospective student but also to the Royal International University as it gives the student the opportunity to ask the appropriate questions and gain a better understanding of what the course would entail before the final decision is made to fully enroll onto the course.

At the end of the interview, and depending on whether the student is ready to enroll onto the appropriate course of study, the prospective student will be asked to fill the Royal International University Admission form.

The enrolment form constitutes the Learning Agreement between the Royal International University and the student and will require particular personal information to be supplied by the student e.g Name/ Address/ Date of Birth/ contact details & previous academic and professional achievements and qualifications etc.

The student will also be required to submit two proofs of address (which can consist of utility bills/ bank statements or any other credible documentation that displays the name and ‘current’ address of the prospective student.

The student must sign the declaration on the admission form. If the student enrols online, their enrolment form will need to be signed & dated before full admission can be granted. The Royal International University can arrange for the signature page to be sent out to the student and they can send it back to the admissions office once it has been signed & dated.


Upon receipt of completed application form, relevant payments & submission of relevant documents, a Royal International University Representative may call the prospective student to arrange a course Induction meeting.

Successful applicants will be provided with a Royal International University Acceptance Letterand a Statement of Fees paid & Course Fee Invoice.

The student will be provided with their course Time Table/ Student Handbook & ID Card

The full admission process will be completed when all of the above have been carried out appropriately & the student has signed & dated their first day of attendance (Failure to attend the Initial attendance date without prior written warning from the student will result in their full admission being postponed until they attend the next subsequent class.