The prospective student will be asked to come in and have an initial interview/ discussion with a course coordinator relevant to the subject area the student wishes to study. (This initial interview can be done over the phone if a student can not attend the initial meeting)

At the Initial interview (either face to face or via the telephone) the course coordinator will discuss the details of the course, explaining the course entry requirements, student fees & other relevant information concerning the related course of study. This is beneficial to both the prospective student but also to the Royal International University as it gives the student the opportunity to ask the appropriate questions and gain a better understanding of what the course would entail before the final decision is made to fully enroll onto the course.

At the end of the interview, and depending on whether the student is ready to enroll onto the appropriate course of study, the prospective student will be asked to fill the Royal International University Admission form.

The enrolment form constitutes the Learning Agreement between the Royal International University and the student and will require particular personal information to be supplied by the student e.g Name/ Address/ Date of Birth/ contact details & previous academic and professional achievements and qualifications etc.

The student will also be required to submit two proofs of address (which can consist of utility bills/ bank statements or any other credible documentation that displays the name and ‘current’ address of the prospective student.

The student must sign the declaration on the admission form. If the student enrols online, their enrolment form will need to be signed & dated before full admission can be granted. The Royal International University can arrange for the signature page to be sent out to the student and they can send it back to the admissions office once it has been signed & dated.


Upon receipt of completed application form, relevant payments & submission of relevant documents, a Royal International University Representative may call the prospective student to arrange a course Induction meeting.

Successful applicants will be provided with a Royal International University Acceptance Letterand a Statement of Fees paid & Course Fee Invoice.

The student will be provided with their course Time Table/ Student Handbook & ID Card

The full admission process will be completed when all of the above have been carried out appropriately & the student has signed & dated their first day of attendance (Failure to attend the Initial attendance date without prior written warning from the student will result in their full admission being postponed until they attend the next subsequent class.


Mongolian Royal Academy was founded in 2010. It grew out of Inkh Zasag International University which was established in 1994. Mongolian Royal Academy is a corporate name that includes various Strategic Business Units i.e. Royal Radio Station, Royal HD Television Station and Royal International Institute.

The later is an accredited center for some internationally renowned professional bodies like; IAM – Institute of Administrative Management, ICM- Institute of Commercial Management and CTH- Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, to mention only but a few.

All these are UK based institutions and they offer Diplomas in the following fields of study: Business Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management.
In 2012, Mongolian Royal Academy became partners with Virginia International University. This collaboration opened a new door for Mongolian students to obtain internationally recognized degrees here in Mongolia. These degrees include Bachelor and Master Degrees.
Mongolian Royal Academy was awarded the “Best Enterprise” in the educational sector and the General Director by name Uchral was presented with an award of the “Best Manager of the Year” from the European Business Assembly in 2012.

Our Advantages
We have well educated Foreign and Mongolian lecturers. Our international and local lecturers hold PhD’s and Master (MBA, LLM, MSc, MA) Degrees from different parts of the world, delivering a high quality lecture.
Flexibility and Choice: Students have a choice to start and complete their studies in their home country at affordable tuition OR they can opt to transfer to our partners and collaborators in the USA, United Kingdom and Asia.
Comfortable Studying Environment for Students: We have enough extracurricular activities for students. During their free time, students can access internet, sport center, English-Mongolian library and a fully equipped fitness club.
Scholarship programme: If a student should have an excellent academic performance, the student stands a chance of being awarded a scholarship. Various scholarships are available at different periods of times.
All lectures and seminars are delivered in English language: Our institute is declared “English Speaking Environment” and support all our Business programs with English lessons
Internship opportunity: Royal Business Club provides an opportunity for students to do their internship in with successful companies in their home country.



New Students:

All applications should accompany two passport size photographs, copies of qualifications, copies of passport: – personal details, visa stamp, and any other endorsement.

All applications to be assessed for entry qualifications as stipulated by the course of choice.

All enclosed qualifications need to be verified. (Original Certificates need to be seen.) Where copies of the qualifications enclosed, originals need to be called for.

An application made on the basis of employment related experience as Accredited Prior Learning (APL) entry to a course should produce an Employer’s Letter confirming the tenure of employment, position held, length of experience etc., and dated within the last three months from the date of application.

Applications from students need to be verified to check their Current visa status, and Completed Application form to join RIU

Students who originally admitted to a University other than RIU should be requested to present a Letter of Release from the original University.

In the event of Agents forwarding applications, through check needs to be done to verify appropriateness to entry to a course.


No admission should be confirmed unless the applicant has the necessary entry qualification.

Where an admission is offered, a condition to admission (if applicable) must be explicitly stated to the effect of entry qualifications, aptitude level etc.

Applicant must be informed and endorsed for acceptance that the offered course level may be lowered if found necessary for the purpose.

Appropriate financial obligations need to be met and or agreed upon.

No admission should be offered where APL requirements are not satisfied.

Where an applicant admitted to a course of study without an interview, candidate should be required to undergo an interview and a language competency test on arrival, before enrolment to the programme. Test results should determine their enrolment to the course. (Incompetency should be rectified through admission to a preparatory course.) This document should be placed in the student file.

Provision of information: Candidates should be informed of the following:

Applicants should be implicitly confirming to RIU that all information provided is true and no false information is provided by signing the RIU application.

In the event of RIU realising (at a later date) that the candidate provided false information, appropriate action including expulsion be taken and all responsibilities rest with the student in this connection.

Financial Agreements:

Applicants accepting an offer made by the RIU are herewith liable for their individual financial obligation to the RIU as agreed.

RIU reserves all rights to vary, change, or defer the terms of conditions related to admission, enrolment or other financial issues at its discretion without prior notice if deemed necessary or required by the law at that time.

In such circumstances, RIU will at all times try to ensure that any variations or change (stated above) brought-about not to affect those students who have previously completed their admission and or enrolment processes, and they are not part of the change.

Changes due to law of the Mongolia or due to recognising that the applicant withheld valuable true information, and such changes will include previous agreements too.

Issues regarding Refunds, please refer Refund Policy.

Payments of Fees:

All applicants are expected to pay the Fees for the selected course upfront or before the completion of the course by arrangement (permitted at the discretion of the RIU)

Applicant who being admitted to a course of study having duration of twelve months or over can pay the fees by instalment.

All instalment payments incur an additional supplementary charge.

Applicants choosing an instalment method can continue until the outstanding plus the supplementary charges are paid up.

Instalment facility to be withdrawn where the facility has been misused and or not honoured with honesty. In such case the total outstanding need to be paid within 14 working days as advised.

Withdrawal from a Course of study:

An applicant can withdraw from a programme of study at his/her own accord for any one of the following reason:

A decision made on the grounds that “no-visa” was issued, and therefore, unable to join the programme in Mongolia.

A decision made on the grounds of personal reason at least 04 weeks before the commencement of the course. A decision made within 04 weeks but before the commencement may incur a penal charge.

An appeal must be made to the Rector/President to withdraw from a course of study if the course has resumed.

An applicant can withdraw from a course of study selected on the grounds that applicant cannot cope with the academic demand due to physical conditions. In such case, an alternative course found suitable will be offered. This will not qualify for any form of refunds of the fees paid.

Student documentations:

All students should complete enrollment form once admitted to a course.

All overseas students complete an RIU application form and other documentations on arrival in Mongolia present for an Interview and an English Aptitude test. These documents kept in the student’s personal file.

Progress evaluation need to be frequently added to the personal file