About us

Royal International University was founded on May 1st, 2010 with the mission of establishing a University that provides world class education through global networking to students from all backgrounds and enable them to become business leaders of tomorrow.

RIU offers degree programs at undergraduate level in Business Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Public Administration Management, Tourism Management, Mineral Resource Enrichment Technology, Mining Management, and Geology Engineering and at graduate level in Business Administration and Public Administration programs. All the Business courses are taught in English. To make Mongolian education a global brand, we are partnering with the world’s best in education.

Our current partners are:

  • Institute of Administrative Management (IAM), UK (accredited provider center)
  • Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), UK (accredited provider center)
  • Institute of commercial management (ICM ) , UK (accredited provider center)
  • 2+2 program with California International University (CIU), USA • 2+2 program with Virginia International University (VIU), USA
  • 2+2 program with Colorado Heights University (CHU), USA
  • 2+2 program with University of Wolverhampton, UK

Partnering with these professional bodies and Institutions provides us opportunities to develop the Mongolian Education system in line with American and British education systems which are two of the leaders in quality education in the world. In addition, it ensures the development of qualified and internationally recognized human capital and labor for our home land Mongolia.